Products Liability

The attorneys of Taunton, Snyder & Parish regularly defend clients facing products liability and related claims in state and federal courts throughout Texas. We have worked with clients participating in various levels of the stream-of-commerce in personal injury, wrongful death and property damage litigation involving claims of design or manufacturing defects, failure to warn, product misuse and hazardous exposure. Our experienced trial lawyers combine their knowledge of their clients’ businesses with their knowledge of applicable scientific, technical and legal grounds to develop the right defensive strategy for settlement, trial or appeal.

We are frequently able to dispose of cases before trial via dispositive motions in our clients’ favor, and routinely negotiate settlements through mediation or arbitration to resolve matters without the expense of litigation. However, our litigators also aggressively bring matters to trial. We use a thorough understanding of procedural rules and focused expert testimony to eliminate claims that are based on pseudoscience. Using this strategy, we have handled the defense of clients that face mass tort claims involving asbestos and silica; chemical products, including adhesives and paint; industrial equipment; component parts in building structures and power distribution; and consumer products.